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Ways you can get involved

School/College/Youth Club participation

Sponsorship opportunities

Donations and fundraising

Volunteer opportunities

Steering groups

Additional support

Staff engagement

& CSR 

HR &


Why Sponsor

A unique staff experience that is both developmental and motivating to aid your staff retention.

Reputational benefits through supporting hard to reach local young people, increasing your corporate social responsibility.

Raising industry and employer awareness to create a diverse pipeline of future talent.

Your opportunities are endless

Without your kind support, we wouldn't be able to reach so many young people. 

If you are interested in hearing more or would like to get involved, we have so many options available. Send us an email, call us for a chat or complete the form below! Thank you for taking the time to connect. 

t   01273 65 11 08

Speak up!

Are you a young person or student and would like our help?

Interested in getting involved in the Foundation's activities or want us to come to your school, please pass on our details to a carer or teacher and we would love to speak to them to see how we can help.

Contac us form

Send us a message

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