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Your next generation need YOU!

Jack is calling for local HERO businesses and their people to help him support our next generations across Sussex. 

The effects from Covid-19 have been significant amongst our future generations; a huge knock on effect to our young people’s wellness and mental health is already presenting a significant additional challenge to our next generations. Coupled with the usual growing pains we've all experienced and fueled by the impact of technology, social media and the pace of modern society there's never been a bigger requirement for young people to get an extra helping hand. We can only continue providing this invaluable support with your help.

We are pledging for the essential sponsorship and business involvement that will enable Jack to inspire students from as many of our Sussex schools and educational institutions as possible.


Our programme is key to encouraging positive mindsets and raising aspirations, whilst helping to bolster the belief, resilience and determination that will enable our local young people to fulfill their potential and have phenomenal futures within our communities.


Do something amazing not just for the Sussex communities you operate in, but for your organisation, for your people and for yourself!

Working with Jack, your business will:

Provide crucial support

Inspire &


Significantly Enhance 

for your local next


your staff in a unique and motivational way

Your local reputation and community profile

Learn more about Dare to Dream and what is involved with the programme. 

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