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Feeling the love

Here are just a few of the positive things people have to say about us:

What the mentors said...


I would highly recommend any individual or organisation in Sussex to support the Dare to Dream programme.


It is not only beneficial for both employees and their mentees, but by supporting local schools, you are making a true impact to those who would benefit from it most on your doorstep.

What the students said...

I feel it is worth expressing how incredible Jack was in his speeches to us, he always led me to leave that room feeling motivated and confident about my future. Jack does not get enough credit for how amazing a job he did, his charisma was cheerful and his joy was infectious.


Thank you to Jack and the rest of the Dare to Dream team!


"The work that the foundation does is genuinely inspiring and will better the lives of thousands of our next generation, helping them to become the best they can be.


I’m proud to have played my part in its journey and I look forward to hearing more updates from the team soon."

Harry Redknapp

What the schools said...


In my nearly 20 years of teaching I have never heard an outside speaker talk so passionately and deliver something so relevant to the target audience.


Year 9 were so engaged in what Jack was saying. His main message was for children to believe in themselves, to be resilient and through talking about his own life his speech was filled with motivation and advice.


After each of Jack’s presentations our 15 selected students took part in workshops and one to ones with their mentors, another fantastic opportunity that they again loved. I am delighted for our students to be involved and it’s been a pleasure to be part of the programme.

Alexa Young, CA

Be the Change

I have learnt that I am beautiful just the way I am and I should respect others opinions and keep our different opinions separate. I don't need to argue, just say okay and take a deep breath.


My Business Guide has taught me that I shouldn't be afraid, failures create opportunities, I am not useless if I fail and there is just more learning. He has taught me to be happy with who I am and not try to please others by changing myself to fit their needs.


I have learnt to be more outgoing. I can't thank my Business Guide enough for what he has taught me. He has helped me so much, more than anyone. He really helped me love myself and build self-esteem. I can't thank him enough. He's really helped me come out of a bad place.


Take the Leap

It was great to be involved in the Take the Leap interviews to see how the programme could positively impact the students and help them build confidence and address their fears in a proactive way.


The interviewees were all thoroughly prepared and did really well during the interview!

Human Resources Director

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