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LoveLocalJobs Foundation C.I.C update, March 2020

In these unprecedented and tough times, we want to wish that everyone within our community stays well and healthy. Whilst our programme delivery has taken a pause, we thought now, more than ever, we needed to share some of the uplifting testimonials we have collected over the past year.

As one teacher perfectly summarised the current Be the Change postponement:I think it's important to hold on to the tremendous impact the programme has had on our students; I will remember for a very long time the seriousness and positivity with which my students engaged with their mentors, and the enthusiasm with which they worked with the primary school students.

"Thought the talk that Jack gave to the students was phenomenal – when he showed his beginnings and how much he struggled with his peers at school to getting a dream job and interviewing celebrities that the students could relate to, gave the students the inspiration to dream big, keep trying and to not be afraid to fail before they achieve.  The biggest point that the students repeated back to me was when Jim Carrey said his dad followed a conventional path and failed so you may as well go for it and see what happens! Captivating, motivating and delivered with a punch – outstanding!"

"I can’t wait to see what my future holds and what I will achieve in life as I now have this positive attitude and aspiration for aiming high, which is all thanks to you. You need to realise just how powerful your speech was and how much of a genuine person you are. You have truly changed my perspective on life and I don’t know what else to say."

"It’s not often that one single person can leave someone with a feeling of complete contentment and enjoyment. The comforting feeling that I was left with today was just that, by someone I had never met before. That feeling stayed with me for the rest of my day and is still sat with me now as I’m writing this. It was a feeling that I will remember for the rest of my life."

"Be The Change is a wonderful opportunity for any working adult who feels they would like to do something useful with their lifetime of knowledge and experience. Whilst the programme has been developed with young people in mind, I think I got as much out of the launch day as they did. I laughed and cried and went home a slightly different person - and hugged my teenage son like he'd never been hugged before. It was a wake-up call for all the adults in the room who have no idea - really - what it is like not just to be a teenager anymore, but a teenager in this society with all the complexities of social media, technology and a world that is going faster and faster with little or no time to be allowed to grow up when they are ready."

"I was overwhelmed by the courage of some of these young people, that were brave enough to stand up in front of a room full of strangers and share their innermost feelings. They were able to do this thanks to the caring and supportive environment that was created by Graham. I would struggle to be as open as they were and admire their bravery. I didn't see 'problem' kids but courageous young people facing adversity and refusing to let it define who they are. I'm not sure who will mentor who as I move forward with my group!""WOW just WOW! This scheme is incredible and putting it into words just does not cut it. Not only are you making a difference to children's lives, I felt the children had a huge impact on me and I feel so lucky that I get to work with the future generation who will achieve amazing things. It took me away from my hectic day to day wrapped up world and made me think, reflect and put every silly little thing we worry about into perspective. I feel honoured to have been given this opportunity and am still buzzing from it days later."

And let's finish with a testimonial which is ever more pertinent following the recent education announcement:"Be the Change is such an inspirational programme for students with different challenges in and outside of school. The programme helps children see their full potential and give them tools to allow them to gain happiness, confidence, hope, relationships and employability. I am so excited to work with students to allow them to see that employers don't just look at exam results but also any transferable skills they have and my not be aware of."

We'd like to thank you all for your continued support both throughout the last 18 months and during this challenging time. We have some exciting things planned and can't wait to share them with you.

Watch this space!


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