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Be the Change, LoveLocalJbs Foundatin CIC

The role of a business guide

As a volunteer guide, you will:

Play a part in helping students to understand what positive changes they need to make to realise their aspirations and what qualities are required to be successful.

Be supported by the Be the Change team to share your experiences and stories of your education and career journey’s with students. 

Work in a mixture of activities, large group and smaller groups interactions and 1:1 sessions to encourage students to work with others and share their day to day challenges, their views and their aspirations for the future.

Not need any previous mentoring experience as the team will facilitate each session throughout the the programme and give you help, guidance and workbooks to help with 1:1 sessions. You are not required to bring anything with you, other than a willingness to share your experiences.

Be enthusiastic, positive and inspirational role models at each interaction.

Your role will be required to:

To listen

Young people will often be open about the barriers they face and it is important they feel heard.

To talk

To talk about your role/job and how you got to where you are today – it doesn’t matter if you haven’t had a straight forward career, it is incredibly valuable for young people to meet people with different careers and backgrounds.


​To be honest and open about the world of work and expectations of business - it will help young people understand what might be ahead of them and it will open their eyes to the possibilities.

To engage

To engage the young people in conversation, to help inspire and motivate them wherever possible.

Boost confidence

To talk about the importance of individual attributes & qualities as well as qualifications in the work place. 

To help

To help students feel at ease and give them positive feedback and advice.


To attend 6 interactions, which will take place over 6 different days

It is important that you attend all six interactions of the programme. The launch dates are fixed but the 1:1 sessions and workplace tours are flexible between school and business guide.


1:1 Session

(30-60 minutes per 1:1 session)

Stepping Up

1:1 Session 

(30-60 minutes per 1:1 session)

Workplace Tour

Awards Celebration

Important information


It is extremely important to us that all participants in the programme are protected from any potential safeguarding issues. All business guides must read and understanding the safeguarding policy and we also encourage all business guides to apply for a DBS certification. We are very happy to assist with these applications. For more information please email


Online Safety 

Be the Change aims to support students in an interactive and engaging experience bringing together students and business volunteers. When events are held online we recognise that measures need to be in place to ensure that participants are kept safe at all times. We all have a duty to ensure that all young people and adults involved in Be the Change are protected from potential harm online. To read how we aim to do this, please go to our Online Safeguarding policy which you can access below.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

As the organisation that promotes the Be the Change programme, LoveLocalJobs Foundation CIC takes the privacy of everyone involved extremely seriously.  From the programme Sponsor organisations and their Business Guides to the students and their teachers, we have gone to great lengths to ensure the integrity and safety of the data we handle. To read more about this, please see the documents below.


Safeguarding policy 2021

Online safeguarding policy

Code of conduct


NSPCC video

Data protection and Be the Change

Business guide data protection form

Photography permission form

Safeguarding referral

Be the Change Handbook 2021

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