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Downton Abbey dinner helps raise money for the Foundation C.I.C

It’s the commitment and generosity of local organisations like Petworth Vision CIC that enable the LoveLocalJobs Foundation C.I.C to continue supporting our next generation.

In November 2019 a “Downton Abbey Fundraising Dinner” took place at Petworth House, where guests included the writer of Downton Abbey Julian Fellowes, alongside stars of the show Elizabeth McGovern (Cora Crawley) and Harry Hadden-Paton (Bertie Pelham) a very generous donation was made by Petworth Vision, to show their continued commitment to helping local young people reach their maximum potential.

Petworth Vision have partnered with the LoveLocalJobs Foundation C.I.C since 2018 helping to mobilise local businesses in Petworth to support programmes aimed at raising the confidence, aspirations and employability for hundreds of local young people. Petworth Vision understands the importance of inspiring their local next generation knowing that the young people we focus on are those that will choose to live and work in our communities in the future.

During this exceptionally challenging time, the generous donation made by Petworth Vision will go a long way towards enabling the LoveLocalJobs Foundation C.I.C to continue providing support for local young people.

Commercial Director from had to say “we’ve always been fortunate to have excellent relationships with our supporting partners. Without that support our impact for local young people would be a shadow of the success we’re proud to share with organisations like Petworth Vision. They really have been amazing. We know all too well the work that goes into organising a fundraising event like this. So, we hugely appreciate the effort alongside the outcome and look forward to many more collaborative opportunities that will help to unlock the potential of Petworth’s local next generation.”

Nicola Jones, Chairman Petworth Vision said “We are delighted to be supporting LoveLocalJobs in helping to bring these much needed conferences into schools be it in person or virtually. Helping to instill hope, confidence and employability at this crucial time in young peoples lives ensures they are being given the very best chance for a successful and happy future.


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