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Virtual Mentors for our Next Generation

With the Spring term drawing to a close we are delighted to have enabled 42 business volunteers and 90 students to take part in virtual one to one sessions across schools in Sussex. This was the first session of three where the students and business volunteers discussed the students potential with the aim to boost aspirations and future employability.

Supported by business volunteers from Sussex Police, Legal & General, First Central, Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust and PwC as positive role models who shared their experiences and stories regarding their life and career journeys.

The virtual offering is delivered amid a crisis that has seen young people experience more severe stress and anxiety than in previous years. The need for interactions such as this is greater now than ever, as is the drive to support the local community.

In partnership with our amazing network of leading local employers we’re very much looking forward to facilitating an increasing number of valuable interactions for young people across Sussex during the remainder of this particularly challenging academic year.

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