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Harry Redknapp Kicks Off Love Local Jobs Foundation

Icon of the football word Harry Redknapp has kicked off the LoveLocalJobs Foundation at an official launch in Brighton. Young people across Sussex are set to benefit from the foundation’s pioneering work to help them realise their full potential and improve access to local jobs. The launch, staged on Friday, October 26, was held at the prestigious Hotel du Vin and was attended by a sellout crowd of more than 120 businesses and local professionals.

A networking lunch celebrated the launch and raised funds for the foundation with over £10,000 raised from an auction. This money raised will be used to take 20 lucky local school students on a life changing experience to outdoor pursuit centre, Dolawen to help them significantly grow in confidence and realise their full potential.

Harry said: “What a great day! Who would have guessed that, after bumping into Gary in Australia all those years ago, he would go on to open a foundation dedicated to giving breaks and inspiring our amazing next generation?

“Like football, life’s all about trying your best with the hand you’ve got, looking to build something worthwhile, never giving in, and trying, amidst all of this, not to forget to love every minute of it.

“The work that the foundation does is genuinely inspiring and will better the lives of thousands of our next generation, helping them to become the best they can be. I’m proud to have played my part in its journey and I look forward to hearing more updates from the team soon.”

The LoveLocalJobs Foundation encourages local employers to actively participate in various employability programmes that inspire the next generation of jobseekers by significantly strengthening their employability skills and ensuring they leave school fully equipped for the ‘world of work’.

Raising aspirations is just one part of the foundation’s role. It also focusses on the often hidden barriers to job success, including happiness, low self-esteem, hope and relationships. Importantly, it encourages students to identify their own barriers to employability and helps them find ways to overcome them.

The foundation’s main objectives are:

·       To inspire the next generation to become the best they can be

·       Significantly raise local career aspirations 

·       Promote the regions best employers and job opportunities

·       Connect the best local employers with the next generation of talent

·       Build resilience

·       Build confidence

·       Improve wellbeing

·       Deliver essential life and employability skills

Harry kicked off the day by joining the team and local under 11’s footballers. The pitch-side action was followed by the networking lunch and a fundraising auction.

During the lunch, Harry spoke about his career. He outlined the various journeys that his role as a football manager has taken him on and the importance of giving young people a break.

Gary Peters, of the LoveLocalJobs Foundation, said: “We were delighted to be joined by Harry Redknapp to launch our foundation. Harry gave me a break many moons ago that ended up leading to my first ever job. Nearly 23 years later he gladly gave up his time to launch our fantastic foundation and it really couldn’t have gone any better — he was incredible.

“So many people leave school without the tools, confidence or belief to realise their full potential. The LoveLocalJobs Foundation is set up to ensure our local next generation can thrive in a career they love, irrespective of any barriers that may be in their way at this time.

“Anybody can work to be the best they can be; it’s our commitment to give them the tools, confidence and inspiration to do so.”

Daryl Gayler, of NatWest, which supports Be the Change one of the ground breaking programmes within the foundation, said: “I was very humbled to be invited to say a few words at the launch of the LoveLocalJobs Foundation. Gary and the team have done so much for so long to support the local community, it is great to see this all come together with the setting up of the foundation. 

“At Natwest, we have been so proud to be associated with the Be the Change programme that Gary mentioned so it was easy to come and talk about the programme and the impact it has on local kids who just need a break.

“Having personally been involved for the last two years, I have seen first-hand how kids have raised their ambitions on the back of the programme and how they have changed their whole attitude to school. The foundation will hopefully be able to ensure more kids get the chance to benefit from Be the Change and the other fantastic programmes the foundation runs.”


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