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Mentoring and inspiring young people – Kreston Reeves help students Dare to Dream

Staff from Kreston Reeves recently supported students from Steyning Grammar School by taking part in 4 sessions of the Dare to Dream programme, an inspirational scheme created by the Love Local Jobs Foundation. The programme aims to boost the confidence, employability skills and wellbeing of young people in the local community.

6 volunteers from Kreston Reeves used their own experiences to drive and motivate the students, focusing on the core themes of self-awareness, mindset, gratitude, resilience, teamwork and employability.

Head of Programme Delivery and inspirational speaker is Jack Hayes, the well-known former host of the Breakfast Show on Heart FM, now on air with More Radio, who helps encourage the students and reinforces core themes that are central to wellbeing, employability and a positive future.

The programme took place over the spring and summer terms with multiple interactions including inspirational assemblies to 380 year 9 students, and further workshops and mentoring sessions for a cohort of 15 students to help give them the confidence they need to fulfil their potential.

Wendy Bamford, Audit Director at Kreston Reeves and one of the volunteers of this year’s Dare to Dream programme, commented: “We have built an on-going relationship with the Love Local Jobs Foundation and continue to take part and support their Dare to Dream programme every year, and every year we enjoy working with the students and getting to know them.

"The programme is a helpful scheme working to build the confidence of young people and preparing them with life-long skills. Both the students and staff leave having learnt so much!

"Our purpose, as a firm, is ‘to guide clients, colleagues and communities to a brighter future’ and is incredibly important to us. It is truly put into practise with our involvement in this programme – we aim to make a difference, helping to inform, guide and inspire the students involved”.

Christina Fishlock, Head of Community Programmes at the Love Local Jobs Foundation, commented: “I would like to thank everyone at Kreston Reeves for their participation in Dare to Dream. The support from the sponsors is vital to keep this programme running and to carry on inspiring students in the local areas”.


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